We value business excellence with advanced services for all types of companies.


Business Excellence

For our high-level clients, we develop targeted business strategies aimed at maximizing efficiency and exceptional outcomes. Our top priority is to identify and capitalize on opportunities, conduct a thorough assessment of associated risks, and demonstrate our competence in managing them. Our main objective is to create business paths that promote optimization and excellence.

Our primary mission is to offer advanced services to a wide range of clients, including public and private enterprises, organizations, and institutions. We specialize primarily in providing comprehensive support for corporate strategies.

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Our story

In the '90s, LCG Advisory SCF S.p.A was founded as a company specialized in strategic and financial consulting within the context of Top Business Strategy & Corporate Finance in Italy.

Our mission has always been to guide clients in their paths of strategic and financial innovation in their respective areas of expertise.

LCG Advisory SCF S.p.A. was founded in the ’90s as a consulting company primarily operating in the Top Business Strategy & Corporate Finance sector to support clients in the processes of strategic innovation and subsequent financial development within their respective industries. In order to adopt a more operationally focused and client-oriented consulting approach, Link Consulting Partners initiated a process of acquisitions and incorporations.

In 2013, it acquired a corporate and management consulting company, which expanded its consultancy services dedicated to managerial support for medium to large-sized companies, both public and private, as well as performance improvement and organizational restructuring. Also in 2013, it acquired a division of a communication and institutional relations company to assist clients in monitoring the political and institutional landscape, which, in various ways, influences their business.

In 2016, it incorporated an accredited inspection body by Accredia to conduct inspection, monitoring, and technical control activities in accordance with the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17020 standard, in the field of maintenance and energy services, as well as asset management registry services.

Today, LCP stands as a flexible and multidisciplinary entity, housing professionals of high caliber.

A Network of National and International Partnerships

LCG Advisory SCF S.p.A. has an organization characterized by a network spread across the national territory with offices in Turin, Alghero, Milan, and Rome, as well as internationally with offices in Lugano and Tunis. Over the years, the company has also entered into significant commercial agreements with strategic partners in countries of interest to better assist its clients and their needs. All group and partner offices are considered as ‘strategic bases’ for the development of its business, allowing the company to be at the center of relational dynamics at the economic, industrial, and institutional levels.

Company Profile

We are a consulting firm that provides advanced services to public and private enterprises, organizations, and institutions, primarily operating in integrated support for business strategies. Our goal is to assist clients in the processes of positioning and strategic development they have undertaken or plan to undertake.

LCG Advisory SCF S.p.A primarily operates in integrated business strategy support with the goal of guiding its clients in positioning and strategic development processes within their respective fields of interest.

LCG Advisory SCF S.p.A leads a consolidated and continuously growing network of partnerships and relationships between clients/investors and Group companies. Within this network operates a team with over two decades of experience in the field of consulting.

This approach allows the company to accompany its clients in the development and implementation of complex projects, offering its services across multiple activities and topics consistent with the development plans envisioned by the clients themselves.

In particular, it is this integrated and international multidisciplinary profile that LCG Advisory SCF S.p.A. has developed over the years, which has enabled the adoption of an internal corporate orientation focused on diversifying core service areas, as presented below:

  • Strategic and Business Consulting
  • Financial Advisory for Institutional Clients
  • Real Estate Services

Our customers

LCG Advisory SCF S.p.A. boasts more than 20 years of direct experience and over 60 years of background from its original stakeholders in the field of consulting, serving the largest national and international financial and industrial groups in the development of their strategies and projects in Italy and various foreign countries.

The company has a highly diversified client portfolio, encompassing more than 150 clients in both the public and private sectors. In particular, as an illustrative and non-exhaustive example, below is the percentage distribution of LCG Advisory SCF S.p.A.’s historical client portfolio composition with respect to the sectors in which they operate.

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LCG Advisory SCF S.p.A. is a company within the Link Company Group Holding and actively participates in 6 strategic areas:

Link Company Group is an industrial participation holding born from the entrepreneurial spirit and high managerial skills of its two founding partners. It operates in key vertical markets with diversified expertise, ensuring maximum support to its clients in processes of strategic and financial innovation. The value of Link Company Group lies in its international positioning developed over the years through the network of clients it has established and consolidated, the pipelines for public and private clients, the operational synergies among the various affiliated companies, their multidisciplinarity (necessary to compete in the reference markets), and their international presence.

Affiliated Companies

Being active entities with the skills and expertise to operate at their best is one of Link Company Group’s top priorities. Over the years, the Holding has expanded its structure with new and innovative entrepreneurial entities that could provide added value and greater responsiveness to the needs expressed by clients.

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