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For our high-level clients, we design targeted business paths focused on optimization and exceptional outcomes. Our top priority is to recognize and capitalize on opportunities, thoroughly assess associated risks, and demonstrate our ability to manage them by creating efficiency and excellence-oriented business paths

The best we can do is seize opportunities, assess the associated risks, estimate our ability to manage them, and create business paths focused on efficiency and excellence.

Link Consulting Partners SCF S.p.A. guides its clients in defining and implementing strategic paths that create industrial and financial value, enabling them to maintain and/or achieve a clear competitive advantage in their respective markets.

The goal of Link Consulting Partners SCF S.p.A. is to become the reference point and reliable partner for private companies and public administrations committed to transforming their business and innovation. The company offers a new approach to strategic and business consulting, based on a distinctive vision of business scenarios, in relation to the competitive dynamics of various sectors and markets it has been dealing with for years.

Link Consulting Partners SCF S.p.A. is registered with the Oversight Body and is part of the Single Register of Financial Consultants (OCF). It adheres to the Arbitrator for Financial Disputes (ACF) and adopts the conflict of interest policy as represented in the attached document:


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