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The real estate needs of today’s businesses are becoming increasingly complex and require a higher level of strategy and sophistication. LCG Advisory SCF S.p.A helps its clients make customized decisions to align and enhance their real estate portfolio with their overall business performance and goals. LCG Advisory SCF S.p.A offers insights, experiences, and unique solutions to meet the needs of real estate investors and property investors. Our strategic approach brings together our consulting services and key execution services to provide our clients with the information they need to anticipate opportunities, gain a competitive advantage, and execute the best possible real estate strategies.


In 2016, LCG Advisory SCF S.p.A incorporated the company I.C. – Italiana Controlli S.r.l., an accredited inspection body by Accredia to carry out inspection, monitoring, and technical control activities, in accordance with the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17020 standard, within the scope of maintenance and energy services and asset registry services.

The technical inspection and control activity aims to inform the client about the exact fulfillment/conduct of services entrusted to contracting companies. In particular, the activation of the service is aimed at assessing the level of services (Performance), the achievement of corporate and social objectives, compliance with tender documentation and contractual documents, and compliance with current regulations.

The sectors in which inspection, monitoring, and technical control activities are provided include:

  • Energy (microclimatic surveys and monitoring, execution control of systems, verification of system efficiency, monitoring and control of energy service contracts).
  • Supplies (verification of compliance of supplies with the contracting station’s specifications, assessment of economic and time suitability).
  • Asset Registry (technical-administrative checks on property surveys and consistency, property taxation, building profitability, appraisals, Due Diligence).
  • Funded Projects (monitoring of projects financed with public funds, verification of the technical suitability of works carried out by the beneficiary, assessment of costs and development timelines of the initiative).
  • Maintenance (technical-inspection checks on maintenance of various works, underground works, public lighting systems, green areas, building structures, electrical systems, heating and cooling systems, fire protection systems).


LCG Advisory SCF S.p.A offers design solutions for real estate management with a specific focus on Smart Working, Work Space Management, and Property Management, including related IT services, for corporate clients in various industrial sectors.

These solutions are aimed at improving the working experience of employees in companies and public entities and enhancing the usability of workspaces, while ensuring significant cost savings from unused spaces. This aligns with the current trend in the world of work, where space utilization is evolving from individual workstations to specialized areas more suitable for collaboration and coworking.

In particular, the main activities carried out to support clients who want to ‘reimagine’ their workspaces include:

  • Assessment of processes and work methods of the resources using the space to identify and understand their needs.
  • Designing new layouts for different spaces, maximizing the well-being of individuals and tailoring different types of spaces to various work requirements.
  • Designing modifications and integrations to systems while considering maintainability and energy efficiency.
  • Designing change management processes and planning training and support sessions for employees to adapt to the new spaces.
  • Designing and installing information technology and systems for optimal management of the new spaces and individual workstations, monitoring their related effects.

We offer our clients a wide range of real estate consulting services, from standard solutions to more innovative ones.

  • Feasibility studies, strategies for enhancing real estate assets, and analysis of highest and best use.
  • Identifying the potential value of individual assets and the real estate portfolio.
  • Determining the liquidity level of assets and the portfolio.
  • Defining the Development Strategy.
  • Commercial and technical due diligence.
  • Market analysis.


LCG Advisory SCF S.p.A helps minimize risks and ensure the success of your real estate development. LCG offers a comprehensive service tailored to the needs of both private and institutional clients, specifically in market analysis, investments, and divestments processes.

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