Strategic Consulting

LCG Advisory SCF S.p.A provides Strategic Consulting services to public and private enterprises, institutions, and organizations, primarily focusing on integrated support for business strategies. The goal is to assist clients in positioning and strategic development processes. The company is capable of supporting the development and implementation of complex projects, offering services across various activities and topics aligned with development plans. In particular, within the realm of Strategic Consulting, LCG has adopted an approach oriented towards diversifying the service areas available to its clients, leveraging professionals with both vertical and cross-functional expertise.


LCG Advisory SCF S.p.A provides contractual, corporate, and organizational consulting services to businesses, institutions, and organizations. It proactively supports and accompanies them in Merger & Acquisition processes, Post Merger & Acquisition activities, and the development of industrial and commercial partnerships.

LCG assists companies during the startup phase by helping them draft Industrial Plans, define market strategies, and carry out industrial restructuring, with particular focus on analyzing regulated markets and Public Utilities. Through its partnerships, it guides clients in redefining organizational and management models, analyzing their strategic positioning, providing performance monitoring systems, and contributing to the definition of corporate governance models. Additionally, it creates Business Plans for the introduction of new services/products and contributes to defining models for promoting excellence through the establishment of networks – both closed and open – among operators.

Sustainability and social responsibility policies are addressed through a multitasking approach with an innovative and strategic vision. Starting with an in-depth study and understanding of the dynamics of each individual company, its lines of business, relevant stakeholders, ongoing activities related to sustainability and CSR, this approach leads to the definition of a comprehensive strategy, including timelines, methods, and outcomes. It also emphasizes the value of communication and the importance of engaging both within and outside the company. In particular, the services offered include:

  • Strategic plans
  • Sustainability plans
  • Materiality matrices
  • ESG reporting
  • Training programs
  • Communication plans
  • Sustainability reports
  • Stakeholder engagement


LCG Advisory SCF S.p.A has recently launched a new line of business, SUSTAINABILITY STRATEGIES – CSR, with the aim of providing the best solutions for sustainability strategic plans, preparing reporting tools, designing actions that promote the involvement of top corporate management and stakeholders, and ensuring targeted and effective communication in the innovative field of sustainability.

The Legislative Monitoring service, which involves the analysis and monitoring of the political-institutional framework in which clients operate (essential for the development of their activities and the promotion and defense of their economic interests), focuses on a detailed examination of political events and legislative acts. This analysis is suitable for supporting business strategies. The service is structured to ensure a proactive approach, emphasizing action rather than reaction. It involves conveying innovative messages, acting as advocates for the opportunity to embrace change and stay up-to-date, avoiding defensive postures but instead being open to dialogue and proposals.

The process of delivering the “Legislative Monitoring and Analysis of Parliamentary Acts” service begins with the precise reading of legislative provisions to understand the content and the process of forming parliamentary texts, culminating in real-time communication of relevant measures to the client. The service includes the preparation and sending of periodic reports, providing a concise explanation of the substantive aspects and the status of parliamentary/governmental proceedings to offer comprehensive information to the client.

In particular, the service is carried out through four main activities:

  • Daily reading of parliamentary reports
  • Selection of measures of interest to the client
  • Analysis of relevant regulations
  • Daily report drafting and sending


LCG Advisory SCF S.p.A provides Integrated Communication and Legislative Monitoring services.

In particular, Integrated Communication services (understood as a successful intertwining of information flows, media channels, and communication tools) aim to enhance the institutional image of clients. This involves placing content such as identity, values, project initiatives, and services at the core of the message. The goal is to create and/or improve relationships between the company and its stakeholders, ultimately focusing on the “care” of the company’s competitive positioning.

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